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Understanding Wage and Hour Exposures

Understanding Wage and Hour Exposures Audio

Wage and Hour (W&H) exposure is an often misunderstood and frequently underinsured risk. It is commonly — and incorrectly — assumed that W&H claims are restricted to either misclassification of exempt/non-exempt employment status or failure to pay overtime. However, W&H liability also includes allegations such as underpayment of overtime, miscalculation of wages, refusal to allow employee breaks, expecting off-the-clock work, not paying employees regularly, refusal to pay exempt employees for absences, not paying for time required to put on or remove protective gear or clothing, and only adhering to federal minimum wage guidelines when state guidelines warrant higher pay. Featuring: Allyson Benda is a Senior Broker, Vice President located in CRC’s Nashville office, and a member of the ExecPro Advisory Committee.

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The State of the Insurance Market for West Coast Property

The West Coast has its unique challenges like earthquakes and wildfires. These factors make for a property market that is diverse and ever-changing. In this episode, we check in with two CRC property specialists who have a lot of experience dealing with West Coast property. How tough are rates and capacity? How long will the challenging market last? Are there any signs of easing? Featuring two members of CRC’s Property Practice that writes over $3 billion in property premium annually: Jim Sipich is a broker from the CRC San Francisco office. Jonathan White is a broker from the CRC’s Bothell office.

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Preparing Clients Against the Impact of Cyberattacks

Week after week, hackers and cybercriminals launch new phishing campaigns, develop creative digital extortion threats, and expand scams with the potential to negatively impact business operations in a big way. Cyberattacks can halt online operations in only minutes and take weeks to resolve. In addition, a cyberattack that involves the loss of customer data can result in expensive litigation that seriously impacts a company’s bottom line. Featuring: Darren Valencia is a Vice President located in CRC’s Nashville office an active member of the ExecPro practice group and a member of the Cyber Specialty Team. Mark Smith is a Senior Vice President in CRC’s Seattle office. He is an active member of the ExecPro practice group and a member of the Cyber Specialty Team.

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Hospitality Industry Struggles to Find Mold Coverage

Mold has been a part of our environment for millions of years, and there are more than 100,000 mold species naturally occurring on Earth. While mold spores are tiny in size, they can mean big trouble for hotels and resorts. Mold has consistently been a loss leader for the hospitality industry insurers, but its impact has expanded over the last few years, with primary claim drivers including undetected HVAC or plumbing system issues, construction defects, and catastrophic hurricane and flooding activity that create an ideal environment for mold growth.

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